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    With over fifty years of combined collection experience, we offer our clients the experience, know-how, and means to successfully collect the money that is owed to them. We treat each client with respect; we are responsive to our client's questions and concerns; and we understand and appreciate our client's responsibilities and challenges in running their business. If your business is owed money, we can help. Call us to discuss your claim and … [Learn more]

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Collecting Business and Commercial Debts in
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Aggressive Pursuit to Collect Your Money

In the “collection world”, the only way an Attorney is going to be successful in collecting the client’s debt is to be aggressive, and to let the debtor know that unless they file for bankruptcy the debt will be collected.

Sheriffs in Massachusetts and across the Nation have the right to seize vehicles and other assets of the debtors based upon Judgments. We know what the Sheriffs need to help our clients collect the money they are owed.

We are extremely successful in collecting debts and turning paper Judgments into dollars for our clients. We utilize the law of every State and all of the available procedures to collect what is owed our clients.

Most of our business comes from referrals. There is no better way to obtain new business than through a referral from a satisfied client.

Collecting Commercial Debts

It is important to keep in mind that generally the older a delinquent commercial account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect.

Some authorities believe that once a delinquent account reaches 90 days, on average you can expect to collect only about three quarters of the debt, assuming the debtor has money to pay. After 90 days, the collectability goes down as the period of time increases.

However, with aggressive action, we have found that we can many times collect the debt within 90 days after it had become delinquent; but in order to do so, the client must have turned the debt over to us for collection once it becomes apparent that the debtor is not going to voluntarily pay the debt.

If your business is owed an outstanding debt call us to collect on it right away.


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