Our Collection Services

We provide Commercial Collection services for all kinds of clients; including National Companies, local businesses, as well as international.

If you have one account or thousands of accounts to collect, we can assist you.

We are always available to answer questions, provide fee quotes, and sometimes we are able to give new clients advice that results in the client recovering payment from the debtor without our actual involvement.

We cover the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as represent clients with collections in other States across the Country. So, wherever you or the debtor may be located, we can help you collect the debt you are owed.

Nationwide Debt Collections:

We provide a one-stop-shop for our clients who have collection accounts in other States across the Country. Rather than deal with several collection firms in different States, our firm offers clients a cohesive and centralized collection approach through our established network. This saves our clients tremendous time, resources, and money in their national collection efforts as we handle the entire process for you.

We are not a collection agency, we are collection attorneys. We leverage the law in every State across the Country and we will file suit and place liens on property in order to collect the debt owed to our clients. It does not matter in which State the business exists, is established, or has moved to, we will identify their assets and pursue the collection of your debt under the laws and penalties of that State.

Collection Fees:

Under our contingent fee agreement, if we do not collect any money for you, we do not get paid. So, we certainly have the incentive to produce and the more we get for you, the more we make for ourselves.

Depending on the facts, our contingent fees range from 30% to 40%; and sometimes we will accept a non-contingent suit fee for a lower percentage amount.

For clients that provide us with a volume of collections, we are able to agree upon a set percentage.