How Do We Collect Your Debt?

We start with getting to understand how and why the debt originated. What was the history or relationship with our client and the debtor. What happened to either the debtor or the relationship that caused the debt to arise.

We then draft a demand letter for payment to the debtor that is not a “form letter”, but rather is personalized so that the debtor understands that they are not part of a mass collection letter mailing and that they very well may get missed in the “pot of debtors”. By presenting the demand letter in such a manner, we find tat the debtor then realizes that we are giving personal attention to the debt and that it is going to receive our special attention.

If the demand letter does not get the debtor’s attention, then usually the next step for us would be to file suit. We utilize as much as possible the collection tools that are granted to us by the Courts. For example, if we know that the debtor has money in a bank account, then we try to get a Judge to authorize us to attach the debtor’s bank account. If the debtor owns real estate, then we might decide to request that a Judge issue a real estate attachment against the debtor. These procedures take time and expertise, and we provide that as part of the service to collect the debt. As we have stated, the sooner we collect the debt, the sooner our client as well as we are happy.

When we are in the process of collecting a debt, we do it in a Professional manner, in order to not only uphold our own reputation, but our client’s as well.